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Copo National Park

Santiago del Estero

In the north-east of Santiago del Estero, this little-known national park is a great place to venture into the Chaco forest and unveil huge quebracho trees where much of the region’s emblematic wildlife still lives. A destination for nature lovers, bird-watchers and wildlife observers.

Visits are recommended between April and September. Very hot from December to March. Free-of-charge.

What to see

The park has a service and camping area from where a 1.5 km trail departs, allowing to move along a high forest covered in quebracho trees up to the old riverbed.

How to get there and move around

The access to the park is 37 km from Pampa de los Guanacos (a town connected through bus services) along a dirt road. You can access it by car from the city of Santiago del Estero (420 km) or from Resistencia (360 km).

Where to stay

The service area of the park has a free camping area, with no grocery stores. Pampa de los Guanacos has a range of accommodation options, as well as a grocery store, ATM and petrol station. 

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