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Chaco National Park


Forests, savannah, estuaries and lagoons that change with the rainy and dry seasons, make up the landscapes of the first park in Chaco that shelters more than 300 species of birds and the precious red quebracho.

Visits are recommended from March to November. Free-of-charge.

What to see
Flora and fauna

It is one of the best places to discover the nature of the Chaco region with its quebracho woods, estuaries, valleys, palm groves and subtropical forests. Great destination for wildlife lovers (you can see black howler, armadillos, brockets, and if you are lucky, tapirs and anteaters) and a must-see for bird-watchers: there are more than 300 species including the recently reintroduced muitú (emblematic species in danger of extinction).

Trails and viewpoints

The park has an interpretation centre, several pedestrian paths with viewpoints and two vehicular trails that can also be taken on foot. There is a daytime picnic area on the trail leading to Laguna Panza de Cabra. The highlights for bird-watching are the dock built on the Yacaré lagoon and the El Parque suspension bridge.

How to get there and move around

You can access by car, on a tour or by a private car from Resistencia (110 km along National Route 16 and Provincial Route 9). Buses depart on a daily basis between Resistencia and Capitán Solari, and from Capitán Solari you can access the park in a private car (6 km).

Where to stay

The park has a camping site. Bring water for consumption and insect repellent.

Captain Solari is the nearest town with simple infrastructure for visitors. 


Other nearby alternatives are Colonia Elisa and Colonias Unidas. You can also visit the park for the day stopping at Resistencia.  

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