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Loro Hablador Provincial Park


It has one of the best-preserved quebracho forests in the Chaco region; it is home to endangered animal species and is a few kilometres from El Impenetrable National Park.

Open to visitors all year round. Very hot from December to March. Free-of-charge.

What to see

There are two signposted pedestrian trails, one of 300 metres long and the other, 2,500 metres long. There are 2-hour guided tours that allow you to learn about typical trees and plants, watch birds (it is a great destination to discover Chaco species) and, if you are lucky, see some other animals such as the Chaco turtle, the tatú bola, the land turtle and the collared peccary.

Protecting the turquoise-fronted amazon

The Park serves as the stage for the "Elé Project”, a conservation program that protects the turquoise-fronted amazon or Elé (Amazona aestiva), emblem of the region. The goal is to prevent its capture and illegal sale as a pet by working with local communities.

How to get there and move around

From El Impenetrable National Park, through La Armonía Park, you can continue on Provincial Routes 9 and 61 as far as Fuerte Esperanza (96 km). From there, 40 km further south. You can also go from Resistencia along National Route 16 to Río Muerto, take the interprovincial route (border between Chaco and Santiago del Estero) for approximately 100 km, as far as La Picada, 20 km from where a signposted road begins and reaches the Reserve (417 km away, 7 hours approximately). 


Some roads are dirt and it is advisable to visit the park by 4WD vehicle.

Where to stay

The park has a camping site with services. The nearest town is Fuerte Esperanza, 40 km to the north, which offers a grocery store, restaurants, basic accommodation, ATM and a petrol station.

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