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Piguen N'Onaxa - Campo del Cielo Cultural Nature Reserve


Campo del Cielo is a region between Chaco and Santiago del Estero where a meteor shower hit about 4,000 years ago. As a result of that event, two of the largest meteorites in the world were found; these can be seen during the visit to the theme park located near the town of Gancedo, in Chaco.

Open to visitors all year round. The theme park has a charged entry.

What to see
Theme park

Located 15 km from Gancedo is the Campo del Cielo Scientific and Educational Park, an open-air museum with an interpretation centre and guided tours that help to understand and interpret the astronomical phenomena and the cosmovision of indigenous peoples of this area. There are 300 meteorites on display.

For fans

Every June 30, the Chaco Civil Astronomy Association (ACHA) and the Chaco Tourism Institute hold theme activities: meteorite search, astronomical observation, lectures and documentaries, as well as meetings of amateur astronomers. Check the agenda of activities.

How to get there and move around

From Resistencia to Gancedo continue 342 km along National Route 16, Provincial Route 4, Provincial Route 6 and National Route 89. From there, continue 15 km down a gravel road. You can also book a tour for the day at Resistencia.


From the city of Santiago del Estero, follow 280 km to Gancedo.

Where to stay

Gancedo is 15 km from the park and has some basic accommodation options, grocery store, dining options, petrol station and ATM.

For a more complete hotel offer and variety of gastronomic options and activities, Villa Angela is 128 km along Provincial Route 13 and National Route 89.

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