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Fuerte Esperanza Provincial Park, Chaco


It is one of the most important conservation areas of the Chaco Impenetrable, with forests of quebrachos and holy wood and a good chance for bird-watching and wildlife observation. 

Visits are recommended from May to November. Very hot from December to March. Free-of-charge.

What to see
Trails and observation

There are several accessible trails and guided walks for fauna and bird-watching. The park shelters several endangered species such as the anteater, the tatú carreta, the southern tamandua, the lampalagua (boa constrictor occidentalis), the land turtle and the tapir. It is also a nesting site for the turquoise-fronted amazon.

How to get there and move around

You can access by vehicle from Resistencia to Fuerte Esperanza (450 km in total along National Route 16 and Provincial Route 9, the Juana Azurduy Provincial Route from Las Hacheras to Fuerte Esperanza is made of dirt; check the condition of this route). From Fuerte Esperanza, continue 7 km along Provincial Route 61 (dirt) to the entrance to the park.

Where to stay

At the entrance, next to the Park Administration, there is a camping area with camping services where you can spend the day. Some 7 km away, Fuerte Esperanza offers a grocery store, dining options, some basic lodging options to stay the night, ATM and a petrol station.

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