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Pilcomayo River National Park


On the Pilcomayo River, bordering with Paraguay lies an invitation to discover estuaries, lagoons, palm groves, gallery forests and grasslands that are astounding for the diversity of their fauna and flora. The area is easy to access and offers two places of public use for visitors: Estero Poí and Laguna Blanca.

Open to visitors all year round; the ideal time is between March and October. Free-of-charge

What to see
Estero Poí wetland

Located 9 km from the town of Laguna Blanca along National Route 86, this recreational area synthesises the most typical characteristics of the park: the savannah with caranday palm trees and the large termite mounds where anteaters seek their food. There is a wild camping site and a small self-guided trail.


A road departs from there, crossing the park towards the bank of the Pilcomayo River, with 4 trails, several viewpoints and inns. You can also travel by bike. Check the condition of the roads before visiting, since the access may become impassable with heavy rain.

Laguna Blanca

You can access from the towns of Laguna Naineck (8 km away) or Laguna Blanca (18 km away). It has a system of pedestrian walkways with two low-difficulty interpretative paths. This lagoon is in a scrubland amid yellow achira plants and vines. Capybaras, caiman yacares and a variety of birds can be seen. You can sail with motorless disinfected boats to prevent the entry of invasive exotic species. Prior notice must be given to the authorities of the National Park. There is a local operator of kayak, pirogue or rabaska rides (Viking-type canoes for up to 8 people). 

How to get there and move around

The town of Laguna Blanca is 60 km away from Clorinda (along National Route 86) or 175 km away from Formosa capital city (along National Route 11 and 86). Another way to access is through National Route 11 as far as the junction with Provincial Route 2 (95 km away from the capital), and then go through Colonia Pastoril and Riacho Hé Hé to the crossing of National Route 86 where the town of Laguna Blanca lies.


There is bus service to Clorinda and from there you can go to Laguna Naineck and Laguna Blanca. You can then take a taxi to get to the park. There are excursions from Formosa capital city too.

Where to stay

Both recreational areas of the Pilcomayo River National Park have an Information Office and a camping area with toilets available for persons with reduced mobility. If you go camping, it is recommended to bring water, as there is no drinking water in the area.


Both Laguna Naineck and Laguna Blanca have accommodation options: hotel and apart hotel in Laguna Blanca, simple lodging in Laguna Naineck. Both have grocery stores and petrol stations. Clorinda is also a good place to stay and visit the park.

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