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Formosa Nature Reserve


Amid the imposing Bermejo River and the Teuquito stream, this reserve offers a tour through the forests of the semi-arid Chaco and the land of the three quebrachos: the white, the red from Chaco and the red from Santiago.

The reserve amazes with its birds and typical fauna, in addition to the trails, viewpoints and camping sites among carob trees, cacti, guaiaca and holy wood.

The ideal time to travel is between May and September. Free-of-charge

What to see
Monte Adentro Trail

This is a self-guided, low-difficulty, 1-km trail. Ideal to experience the thickness of the Chaco Impenetrable and an approach to the culture of the local population. This is the home to emblematic species like the anteater, the red iguana, turtles and pichis, among others, although they are not always easy to see.

Viewpoint to Bermejo River 

Near the main camping area (next to the Cassinera section), this viewpoint offers great views of the river that are especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset.


Between May and November, the river flow decreases, forming beaches with small lagoons accessible from the camping area. 


Not only is the green colour of the "bobadales" (palo bobo (tessaria) woods) striking, but also caiman yacares, capybaras, herons, storks and fish such as shad, can be seen. Attention: swimming is not allowed in this river. It is dangerous in some areas.

Chaco forest

A few kilometres from Cassinera, in Dr. Esteban Maradona section, there is a second camping area called Sacha Camping to enjoy an experience in the Chaco Forest.

Ingeniero Juárez 

It is considered the ‘access portal’ to the reserve. Located along National Route 81, it is one of the service centres in west Formosa. The artisanal production circuits of the Qom and Wichí communities start there. It hosts an association of chaguar, wool and holy wood artisans.


A visit around this place should include the Mural del Pueblo Cultural Tour, the Juan Domingo Perón Square, Nuestra Señora de la Merced Chapel, the Deguen Park and the railway tour.

How to get there and move around

The reserve is 60 km from Ingeniero Juárez, the nearest town with services, and the last place to refill the car tank and buy groceries. From this point, a dirt road begins. Take Provincial Route 39 (43 km) and then Provincial Route 9 (17 km) that crosses the reserve and connects some of its attractions. Check the condition of the road during the rainy season.


Ingeniero Juárez is 456 km from the city of Formosa along a paved road. There are bus services from Formosa to Ingeniero Juárez. Then, you can hire a private car.

Where to stay

The reserve offers a main camping area, near the Roberto Cassinera section and the Bermejo River. There is another wild camping area 150 metres away from the Dr. Esteban Maradona section. Water consumption is limited and not drinkable. You can also stay at Ingeniero Juárez which has simple accommodation options, grocery stores and a petrol station.

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