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From Formosa City to Bañado la Estrella

Travel through Río Pilcomayo National Park. Km: 650

Starting the journey in Formosa Capital, the first stop will be Pilcomayo National Park and its two recreational areas: Estero Poí and Laguna Blanca, where you will fall in love with the Chaco region’s subtropical wildlife. Bañado La Estrella, one of the largest wetlands in South America, is a must-see which can be visited from El Vertedero mirror-still water, or Fortín la Soledad, a site where you can appreciate the local culture in community-guided tourism activities.


Route data sheet

  • Kilometres: 628
  • Type of road: 90% paved. The access ways to the recreational areas of Río Pilcomayo National Park and along the 65 kilometres between Las Lomitas and Fortín La Soledad are gravel roads.
  • Recommended months: from March to October
  • Suggested time: 5 to 7 days


KM 0

Formosa City

On the banks of Paraguay River lies the provincial capital, the city of Formosa, the starting point to explore all the regional attractions, including a 7-km promenade, the old train station turned into a restaurant and cultural Railway Walk, Juan Pablo Duffar Regional Historical Museum, featuring most of Formosa's history, and Laguna Oca Biosphere Reserve, located a few minutes from the downtown area.

KM 142

Río Pilcomayo National Park

Along Pilcomayo River, between Laguna Blanca and Laguna Naineck towns (where you will find services, various cuisine options and accommodations), you can spot incredibly diverse fauna and flora species of this national park, as well as explore its estuaries, lagoons, palm groves, gallery forests and grasslands. It was designated as a RAMSAR site (a wetland of international importance) and it is considered a must-see for those who love eco-tourism. This easily accessible park offers 2 areas for public use: Estero Poí and Laguna Blanca. Estero Poí recreational area Drive 9 km on National Route 86 from Laguna Blanca town to discover the most peculiar landscape in Río Pilcomayo National Park: the savannah with caranday palm trees, and the termite mounds where giant anteaters search for their little prey. You can stay in the wild camp site, explore a short self-guided trail, or drive along a road across the park up to the bank of the river, where 4 different trails and several viewpoints and inns await you. Laguna Blanca recreational area Located 8 km from Laguna Naineck town, this recreational area offers different walkways with 2 low-difficulty interpretive trails. Find its lagoon in the middle of a scrubland surrounded by 'Yellow King Humbert' cannas and creepers. Also, spot capybaras, caiman alligators and a great variety of birds, and sail around the area in a kayak, canoe or rabaska (a viking-style canoe with room for 8 people). You can't miss the unforgettable experience of watching the sunset over the lagoon. This area offers a wild camp site.

KM 204

Misión Taacaglé

KM 496

Las Lomitas

On Provincial Route 28 (a paved and easily accessed road), visit Las Lomitas town. As it is located between the two main entrances to Bañado La Estrella, it is the best place to arrange for excursions with local tourism providers in town offering different accommodation options, a gas station, restaurants as well as an ATM machine.

KM 524

Bañado La Estrella: El vertedero

Bañado La Estrella is one of the largest wetlands in South America and is considered one of the Natural Wonders of Argentina. In its 400 thousand hectares, this place features lagoons, marshlands, palm groves and "champales" (freshwater swamp forests covered by creepers). Explore El Bañado by sailing its waters, observing its flora and fauna, visiting native “criollo” communities, and going on photo safaris, and other excursions. This site is considered an Important Bird Area (IBA). On Provincial Route 28, about 40km from Las Lomitas, find El Vertedero hydroway construction work on the banks of El Bañado . Look down to the mirror-still water from the bridge, where you will spot dried trunks emerging from the surface, which are home to neotropic cormorants, capybaras, and caiman yacares. This easily accessible place invites you to enjoy the wetlands and wildlife: don't miss the reddish sunset, one of the most sought-after pictures.

KM 628

Bañado La Estrella: Fortín La Soledad

Fortín La Soledad is a rural location at the heart of Bañado La Estrella. Almost 80 families live there and offer community tourism: they themselves will provide accommodation and offer excursions. You can not only visit natural attractions, but also appreciate the socio-cultural setting where different native peoples (Pilagá, Wichí and Toba) cohabitate with the environment, preserving their principles and traditions. To arrive at this site, take Provincial Route 32 and drive 65 km from Las Lomitas. This gravel road goes across the Bañado, the best option to explore the local flora and fauna in its full beauty.

Useful information

- If you are travelling by plane, there is an international airport in Formosa City. 


- The best time of the year to make this journey is from March to October, when you may spot a wide range of fauna, because of the rising water level and rains. Find jabiru pigeons, a typical bird from the region, in the months of August and September. 


- Before entering Río Pilcomayo National Park, check the road condition, as roads may become impassable due to torrential rains. Recreational areas offer an information office and a campsite with utility services. There is no potable water, so bring your own water bottles. Laguna Naineck and Laguna Blanca towns, the closest to the park, offer accommodation, dining areas, grocery stores and fuel stations. 


- Around Bañado La Estrella area, there are campsites in Fortín La Soledad town and on Provincial Route 28 between Las Lomitas and El Vertedero.


- Camp only in allowed areas. Keep all rubbish in a bag and take it with you. Make a campfire only in allowed places and put it out with sufficient water.