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Champaquí Mountain


This is the highest peak in Córdoba and one of the province’s many natural wonders. Champaquí Mountain, reaching 2790 metres above sea level and with several ascent options (from Calamuchita and Traslasierras), is a challenge both for trekking lovers and for those who are taking their first steps in mountaineering.  

It can be visited all year round. Between June and September, it is cold and may snow at the peak. Registration to do activities in the area is compulsory.

What to see
Unique forests and postcard views

Regardless of how you choose to climb the Champaquí, on the ascent route you will come across beautiful tabaquillo and mayten forests, as well as streams, granite formations and large valleys.

Near the top, where the panoramic views are breathtaking, there is a small lagoon that freezes in winter and is the setting of several legends.

Villa Alpina 

Villa Alpina, sitting 38 km away from Villa General Belgrano, is the town with the best known and most used access to the Champaquí.

The excursion lasts 3 days. On the first day, there is a hike to the base of the mountain, on the banks of the Tabaquillo River, where you can stay the night in refuges or tents. On the second day, you make it to the top and descend to the camp, returning to Villa Alpina on the third day.

Villa Yacanto 

In Villa Yacanto, located 30 km away from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, you can drive up an auto road to Linderos Mountain and then set out on a 45-minute hike to the peak of the “Champa”. It is important to check the condition of the road (a tall vehicle is needed and, sometimes, only 4x4s can make it).

Villa Yacanto is also home to the “Tres Árboles” access point. From here, the ascent can be done in 2 days and it is easier as the starting point of the trek is at 2250 metres above sea level and the peak is at 2790.

San Javier 

The trail starts at La Constancia estate, 50 km south of Mina Clavero. As La Constancia is private property, an entry permit must be obtained in advance. The ascent can be done within the day, but the trail features a steep slope, which is a big challenge (also known as “Las Cabras Slope”).

Los Molles 

Located at a distance of 30 km from Mina Clavero, Los Molles is the starting point of a trail that features an extremely steep slope and a peak that is well worth reaching to gain spectacular views of Traslasierras. This circuit can be done in 2 or 3 days. Camping is not allowed, but there is a mountain refuge.

Safety precautions

If you decide to climb to the peak of the Champaquí, keep in mind that you will be hiking at the highest altitude in the region, where the weather is extremely changeable and may affect your safety in a matter of minutes. Always wear suitable footwear and carry a coat and water.

How to get there and move around

Villa Alpina and Villa Yacanto are 125 and 123 kilometres away, respectively, from Córdoba Capital City. They can be reached by car or coach. There are also excursions departing from Villa General Belgrano and Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

From San Javier (190 km away from Córdoba Capital City and 49 km away from Mina Clavero), you reach the Champaquí access points on Provincial Route 14. La Constancia estate and Los Molles are 10 and 18 kilometres away, respectively.

Where to stay

The availability of refuges at the Champaquí depends on the ascent trail chosen. 

From Calamuchita northwards, the first refuge for hikers is at Tres Árboles. There are several more at the base of the Champaquí. In Villa Alpina and Villa Yacanto there are different accommodation options as well as food and grocery shops.

In the area of Traslasierras, at Los Hornillos access point on La Ventana Slope, there is only one public base camp without services. In San Javier, Villa de las Rosas and Los Molles, there are lodges as well as food and grocery shops.

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