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Mar Chiquita Lagoon and Ansenuza National Park


The Mar Chiquita or Mar de Ansenuza Lagoon is one of the largest salt water bodies in South America. In summer, its beaches attract many visitors, but what makes it really captivating are the more than 370 bird species it is home to, including one of the largest flamingo colonies in the continent. 

It can be visited all year round. If you want to see flamingos, the best time to go is from June to September. If you want to do beach tourism, practice water sports and go shorebird watching, the best time to go is from December to March.

What to see
Miramar de Ansenuza

Miramar de Ansenuza is the great gateway to the natural world of the “Cordoban sea” and to the most popular city in the region, which has the largest hotel and service offer. It is a destination that invites you to relax, have fun on its lagoon beaches, go bird watching and discover part of its history, haunted by ghosts and full of mystery, in the ruins of the Gran Hotel Viena. 

There is a viewpoint for bird watching, and if the level of the lagoon is low, you can take a walk to the southeast along the beach.

Lomita de los Indios

On the shore of the lagoon, some 6 km away from Miramar, there is a second viewpoint called “Lomita de los Indios”, from which you can gain panoramic views of the large flocks of birds that gather in front of the Xanaes River mouth to feed.

You can reach Lomita de los Indios through local roads from Miramar (there are road markers) and by following the “El Pampero” trail from the town of Balnearia. When the lagoon water level is low, it can be reached by walking along the shore.

Laguna del Plata

Halfway between La Para and Marull lies Laguna del Plata, a very closed bay that is part of the Mar Chiquita Lagoon. Nearby is the beach area of ​​Playa Grande, which in summer attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy its waters and relax whilst surrounded by nature. 

Bahía de Ansenuza Municipal Campsite (Provincial Route 17, 12 km away from La Para) is the starting point of a low-difficulty 500-metre trail boasting 3 viewpoints.

Other proposals

Even though the towns of Altos de Chipión and Morteros are not on the shore, they invite visitors to enjoy the lagoon and the trails near the Garabato River.

"Los Sanavirones" museum, in Altos de Chipión, can also be visited to discover the history of the ancient cultures that inhabited this region.

How to get there and move around

It is 197 km away from Córdoba Capital City (asphalt-paved road). Provincial Route 17 connects the different towns with access to the lagoon.

There are tours and several-day packages to enjoy Mar de Ansenuza.

Where to stay

Miramar de Ansenuza has hotels, hostels and campsites. In addition, there are rural tourism options in nearby towns. 

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