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Traslasierras Valley


Connected to Córdoba Capital City by scenic routes that run across the Sierras Grandes, the Traslasierras Valley offers the perfect combination for your holidays: relaxing, charming little villages and adventure tourism. 

It can be visited all year round. It is a great destination for the whole family.

What to see
Villa Dolores and Mina Clavero

During the summer, the Mina Clavero River, declared one of the “seven wonders of nature” in Argentina, and the Panaholma River, with its beaches and tourist facilities, become meeting points for visitors. 

Trails such as Nido del Águila, Los Elefantes or Pozo de Piedra, with hikes that take 1 or 2 hours, invite visitors to connect with nature and discover hidden natural pools.

Towns and dams

Nono and La Paz invite you to be immersed in nature with activities such as hiking and horse riding. San Javier and Yacanto are two gateways to Champaquí Mountain, the highest point in Córdoba (see must-see attraction 2). 

In La Viña (near Villa de las Rosas), Cruz del Eje and Pichanas (near Villa de Soto) dams, you can practice water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing.

Quebrada del Condorito National Park

Located 60 km away from Mina Clavero, at La Pampilla, this national park boasts trails and viewpoints (the North Balcony and the South Balcony) that promise a close encounter with condors in flight. 

Los Gigantes Reserve

From Taninga, located in the Traslasierras Valley, provincial route 28 departs, which through a cornice road connects with the Punilla Valley, passing through the Los Gigantes Reserve. Here, the landscape is dominated by large granite stones that can be climbed with medium difficulty treks.

There are two private access points to enter this reserve: “Casas Nuevas” (only parking fees apply, food and camping services available), where the trail to reach Mogote Mountain starts (approximately a 3-hour hike), and “La Rotonda”, from where you can get to the base of Cerro de la Cruz Mountain (20 minutes) (admission fees apply, parking is available). 

How to get there and move around

From Córdoba Capital, Traslasierras is accessed via provincial route 34 (also known as the Camino de las Altas Cumbres or Cumbres de Achala). There is a good bus frequency in most towns in the valley.

Where to stay

All the cities have campsites and a varied offer of hotels and food options. 

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