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Great Lakes Circuit – Calamuchita Valley


Calamuchita Valley is made up of more than 20 cities, which offer various options to enjoy nature all year round. 

Mountain landscapes, alpine-style buildings and a succession of reservoirs, "the great lakes", which are ideal for practicing water sports.

It can be visited all year round. It is a great destination for the whole family.

What to see
Villa General Belgrano

Villa General Belgrano is well-known due to its traditional festivals, such as the Beer Festival and the Viennese Pastry Festival. There are self-guided trails at Pozo Verde Municipal Nature Reserve, Zarzamora Ravine and Mirador Mountain. January and February are good months to see butterflies. Visitors can climb to the peak of Cerro de la Virgen and Pico Alemán mountains, which offer breathtaking panoramic views. 

Nature postcards in each city

Santa Rosa de Calamuchita boasts several natural beaches to relax on. You can get to Santa Mónica Balcony, where you can view Champaquí Mountain, and enjoy horseback riding in the area.

Los Reartes invites visitors to do different activities such as cycling, horseback riding, fishing or kayaking at Los Molinos Dam.

From Villa Yacanto de Calamuchita you can climb Champaquí Mountain, the highest peak in Córdoba. The area is great to practice trekking, horseback riding, 4×4 rides, rappelling and rock climbing.

One of the activities that you can do at Villa Rumipal is to walk around Pumakawa Reserve to learn more about the flora and fauna of the place and promote their conservation.

La Cumbrecita

It is the only pedestrian town in Argentina and one of the most popular destinations in the mountains. You can tour the Birch Forest, swim in La Olla (a natural pool more than 6 metres deep) or do the famous trek to Cascada Grande. 

The ascent to Wank Mountain (a 2-hour return hike which requires more physical effort) offers scenic views of the whole valley. 

Scuba diving at Piedras Moras Dam

In the town of Almafuerte, 100 km away from Córdoba Capital City, you can dive into the depths of the dam and marvel at the submerged remains of the town of El Salto. You will be able to see a church, old mansions, a bridge and even an old power plant dating back to 1914. 



The city of Embalse is home to the most impressive lake in Córdoba, with beaches and facilities to enjoy its waters. Known as the Capital City of Water Sports, it invites visitors to practice scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing and SUP. It also has a complex used for social tourism, where visitors can relax, enjoy nature and do tourist, recreational and sport activities for free.

How to get there and move around

Córdoba Capital City has very good flight connections with the rest of the provinces.

Provincial Route 5 connects Córdoba Capital City with Calamuchita Valley and runs through the province from north to south (it is mostly asphalt-paved). The trip can also be done by coach. 

Villa General Belgrano sits 86 km away from Córdoba Capital City (through Provincial Route 5), while Santa Rosa de Calamuchita and La Cumbrecita are at 98 km (Provincial Route 5) and 125 km (Provincial Route 5 and 109), respectively.

Where to stay

Most of the cities that make up the Calamuchita Valley have different categories of hotels, cottages, houses to rent and campsites.

Gastronomy is varied. Villa General Belgrano stands out for its Central European flavors and its craft brewing industry.

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