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Sierra de las Quijadas National Park

San Luis

Deep red deserts, mountain ranges of great beauty and countless vestiges of the past. 

Its main attraction is a large natural amphitheatre nestled in the mountain: Potrero de la Aguada, a stunning landscape to photograph.

It can be visited all year round. In January and February, it is very hot. The best season to visit it is from April to October. Check on the condition of the trails before going. Admission fees apply.

What to see
The trails

Hornillos de Hualtarán is the entrance trail that leads to an archeological site where there are 23 buried stoves that native communities used for cooking pottery and food. 

Seven kilometres from the entrance, Potrero de la Aguada invites visitors to discover the great natural amphitheatre, one of the park’s main attractions.

The self-guided Flora Autóctona trail takes visitors on a 45-minute walk to discover and interpret the park’s plants and trees. Guanacos is another self-guided trail, but requires a 3-hour return hike.

There are two other trails that require a guide. Farallones is a 4-hour return hike up and down large reddish structures. Huellas del Pasado is a 2-hour return hike to viewpoints along cliff-ledge paths.

How to get there and move around

The park sits on National Route 147, 120 km from the city of San Luis, from which excursions and tours depart. 

Merlo (210 km away), Potrero de Funes (131 km away) and San Juan (215 km away) are nearby cities.

Where to stay

The park has a free campsite. On National Route 147, there is a restaurant that serves typical regional dishes. 

The main hotels, restaurants and fuel stations are found in the cities of San Luis and Luján (both 120 km away) or Quilmes (140 km away).

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