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Potrero de los Funes and Central Mountains

San Luis

This is one of the most traditional circuits in the province, which welcomes visitors to enjoy its valleys and ravines, go hiking, discover waterfalls, climb hills, go horseback riding or just feel the freshness of rivers and streams.


It can be visited all year round. It is a great destination for the whole family.

What to see
Potrero de los Funes

Framed in a beautiful landscape, Potrero de los Funes dam is a perfect destination for water sports lovers. 

Salto de la Moneda is a trail leading to a waterfall hidden in a forest of ferns and native species. If you are looking for more adventure, you can climb the Retana, one of the highest mountains in San Luis (2152 metres above sea level). Climbing is on foot (there are no trails) or on horseback. The views you will get from the top are jaw-dropping. 


At El Volcán (8 km away), El Badén and La Hoya beaches are great to spend the day, go walking or swimming. In summer, Potrero de los Funes is home to a folklore festival called “El Fogón y El Lago”, in which local, provincial and national artists take part.


Thirty kilometres away from Potrero de los Funes, El Trapiche is the gateway to La Florida reservoir and Antonio Esteban Agüero dam. 

La Florida reservoir has campsites and nautical clubs, and features a landscape that combines forests and beaches. Its waters are ideal to practice water activities and Argentine silverside fishing. Two trails invite visitors to discover the native flora and fauna reserve. At Antonio Esteban Agüero dam, there are viewpoints, trails, and picnic and fishing areas.

La Carolina

This small old mining town, classified as “Pueblo Auténtico” (Authentic Town) holds a special charm. It is a good place to take as a base to walk around ancient volcanic cones such as La Montura, Sololasta (where you can see cave paintings) and Tomolasta (the peak can be reached by 4x4 vehicles or trekking). You can also visit the Inti Huasi cave, the old gold mine and if you want a more cultural activity, the Museo de la Poesía (Poetry Museum).


Pancanta Valley

Very close to La Carolina, you can hike around this valley to Salto de la Negra Libre. After a 4-hour hike surrounded by rivers, streams and ravines, you will reach a canyon with 3 80-metre-high waterfalls converging to make up a large natural pool.


The Gold Road

From La Carolina northwards, an asphalt-paved scenic route (formerly called the Gold Road) traverses Pampa de las Invernadas and descends El Amago Mountain to the picturesque town of San Francisco Monte de Oro (35 km away, 2 hours by car due to the sinuosity of the road). 

A gateway to northern San Luis, San Francisco also invites you to explore Las Palmeras dam and enjoy tours, treks and bird watching. Other attractions are Salto Escondido (a 50-metre waterfall), López Ravine, a forest of caranday palm trees and cave painting. 


How to get there and move around

Potrero de los Funes is located 22 km away from San Luis Capital City. To the north, Provincial Route 9 reaches La Carolina through El Trapiche. If you take a detour, you can get to La Florida.

There are bus operators that offer this tour circuit and stop at the different cities and towns in the region.

Where to stay

Tourist villas offer various cuisine and accommodation options (including hotels, cabin complexes and campsites).

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