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Reserva Natural Chancaní, Volcanes de Pocho y Túneles de Taninga


Pampa de Pocho hides some amazing and little-known postcards of Córdoba: the unique Pocho volcanoes, Chancaní Nature Reserve and the Taninga Tunnels, a scenic route with great views of the Mermela Ravine and Los Llanos in La Rioja. 

It can be visited all year round. In January and February temperatures are very high.

What to see
Chancaní Nature Reserve 

It is a great place to discover the chaqueño and serrano cordobés forests, and a must-see spot for those who love wild destinations and bird watching. There is a free campsite, without grocery. The nearest town is Chancaní, 5 km away.

Pampa de Pocho

A unique postcard amidst mountains and creeks: five inactive volcanoes and a huge field of caranday palm trees

Access to Pocho volcanoes is on private property, but there are authorized trails to reach the peak of the Poca Volcano, for example, through Finca del Volcán, a place that offers accommodation and food services. 

Scenic Route: Taninga Tunnels

Provincial Route 28, scenic in several sections, connects Córdoba and La Rioja. It stretches through 5 tunnels and offers amazing views of Mermela Ravine and its Saltos Blancos waterfall, one of the highest in the province.

How to get there and move around

You can get there by car from Córdoba, via Provincial Route 28 (important: there are no fuel stations, the last place to refuel is at the roundabout intersection between this route and Provincial Route 15).

From Cruz del Eje and Traslasierras Valley, via Provincial Route 15. 


Where to stay

On Provincial Route 28 there are some places that offer food and accommodation, as well as activities to discover the Pocho volcanoes.

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