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Punilla Valley


Ploughed through by rivers, beaches, cascades and trails, this valley invites visitors to discover the beauty of the mountains.

It is a great setting to do adventure tourism activities such as hiking, horseback riding and rappelling. It also has 5 dams where fishing and water sports can be practiced.

It can be visited all year round. It is a great destination for the whole family.

What to see
From Villa Carlos Paz to La Cumbre

Villa Carlos Paz is one of the main tourist destinations in the province. It stands out for the beauty of its landscape around San Roque Lake and the vast offer of services and recreational activities.

La Falda is home to Las Siete Cascadas Beach; Cosquín stands out for the famous National Folklore Festival that takes place in January; and Huerta Grande invites visitors to discover Naguan Tica Private Reserve and go hiking among rocks and creeks, go bird watching and explore the caves inhabited by the ancient Comechingones.

Cuchi Corral offers visitors the possibility of enjoying paragliding. Besides, it is very close to La Cumbre, where you can visit El Paraíso, the museum house where writer Manuel Mujica Láinez lived, and the Path of the Artisans that connects this town with Villa Giardino.

Vaquerías Nature Reserve

Located in Valle Hermoso, this reserve has paths and trails that lead to waterfalls, viewpoints and a Chaco Serrano forest. One of its particular characteristics is that it is managed by the University of Córdoba, which complements its natural beauty with conferences and workshops about the flora and fauna of the area.

The energy of the Uritorco

Uritorco Mountain (1979 metres above sea level) lies adjacent to the city of Capilla del Monte and is a very good place to practice trekking and horseback riding. It is considered an energy centre and usually associated with UFO sightings, so much so that there is a UFO Information Centre open to the public.

Ongamira Caves and Los Terrones

Seventeen kilometres away from Capilla del Monte, Los Terrones Autochthonous, Cultural and Recreational Park boasts a landscape of deep canyons, rocks that stand out because of their yellow and orange shades and streams that meander across the earth’s surface. If you look at the sky, you can spot condors and vultures.

A little further on, 25 km away from Capilla del Monte, the Ongamira Caves, the fifth wonder of nature in the province, display cave paintings of significant archeological value made by ancient peoples that inhabited this area. There are guided treks to help you discover them.

How to get there and move around

The closest airport is the one located in Córdoba Capital City. By car or by bus, along National Route 38, you can get to know all the cities and towns that make up the Punilla Valley.

There are also multi-day tour packages from Córdoba Capital City or Villa Carlos Paz. 

There are 63 km from Villa Carlos Paz to La Cumbre and 74 km to Capilla del Monte (by asphalt-paved road).

Where to stay

All the cities and towns that make up the Punilla Valley offer different kinds of accommodation and campsites, as well as food options.

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