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Villa de Merlo and Comechingones Corridor

San Luis

At the foot of the Comechingones mountains, on the border between Córdoba and San Luis, there are sites of breathtaking scenic beauty that invite visitors to experience their nature, culture and traditions. The most important tourist centre in the region is Villa de Merlo, accompanied by other nearby cities and towns.

It can be visited all year round. It is a great destination for the whole family.

What to see
Villa de Merlo

With its popular microclimate, it is the most attractive city in the area, and its surroundings are ideal to go walking, horse riding or cycling. From Merlo, you can set out to visit Mogote Bayo Reserve, a protected area that boasts trails and a mountain botanical garden. Condors may be watched in the area.


Comechingones Mountain

Seventeen kilometres away from Merlo, climbing up the hills, you will reach Comechingones mountains. From their peak at 2200 metres, you can enjoy the view of the Conlara Valley. If the weather is nice, you will also see the immensity of the Calamuchita Valley in Córdoba. 

Bajo de Véliz Provincial Park, a bit over 40 km away, shelters a paleontological site where giant spider fossils dating back 250 million years were found. There are 3 trails, one of which leads to a giant specimen of Guayacan, a native tree of northern Argentina (known as the “tree of life”).

Salto del Tabaquillo Waterfall

From Villa de Merlo, you can visit El Rincón Stream and one of its most popular waterfalls, Salto del Tabaquillo, 18 metres high. The excursion takes approximately 3 to 4 hours (including ascent and descent) and it is advisable to be accompanied by a guide.



Considered the “capital of free flight”, Carpintería is known as the epicenter of paragliding and mountain sports (rappelling, zip-lining and climbing). There are also suspension bridges, ATV rides, hikes and horse riding tours to Cerro Blanco: with its 2046 meters above sea level, it offers beautiful views of the Conlara Valley. 

El Talar Tourist Complex

Located on Los Molles Stream, this is a great place to spend the day or camp in the shelter of the mountains. There are viewpoints and medium-difficulty trekking trails. 



This is the ideal place to set out on your journey to Quebrada de Villa Elena Nature Reserve, which boasts trails leading to streams and waterfalls. Seven kilometres away, the Piscu Yaco Dam boasts a 100-metre sand beach, where non-motorised water sports can be practiced. Besides, there are many stories surrounding the area’s native peoples. Those who want to live an adventure experience can trek to the Peñón viewpoint or to Salto Grande.


Villa Larca

Are you looking for ecotourism? In Villa Larca, you can set out on a 45-minute hike to San Ignacio, a natural waterfall surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, and Laguna Milagrosa, a lagoon that invites visitors to swim in its waters.

Papagayos and Villa del Carmen

The landscape changes completely in this area known for its population of caranday palm trees. Accompanied by expert guides, you can climb Negro Mountain, walking through ravines and discovering runoffs from the top of the Comechingones. Past Villa del Carmen, Boca de Río dam invites visitors to practice nautical activities and hiking.

How to get there and move around

Villa de Merlo lies 195 km from San Luis and 245 km from Córdoba Capital City. Provincial Route 1 connects it with the province of Córdoba, to the north, and is an asphalt-paved road. There are bus operators that connect all the cities and towns in the area.

Where to stay

Along the corridor, there are various hotel, campsite and food options.

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